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Cuban Coin Metal Detector Find

By: Warren D.

Today I found a Cuban coin on a beach on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I was using my Minelab Excalibur detector with a 12 x 15 coil, hunting in pinpoint when I got a hit. When I switched to discrimination the target almost sounded like a null, which is a sign of an iron target. I wasn't quite sure so I dug it anyway. The item appeared to be the size of a quarter but it had some rust stains on it. I thought it was a piece of punched metal but I just pocketed it thinking it may be a gaming token of some kind. When I got home I washed it off with dish washing liquid and I saw some detail. I cleaned it further and you can see more detail in the pics. One side I think is the head of Che Guevera and the words Patria O Muerte and a date on the bottom of 1992. The other side is a shield and the words Republica de Cuba and Tres Pesos. Not sure of the metal content, probably a bit of iron in it.

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