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Craftsman Axe Head Metal Detecting Find

By: Neil S.

I took my detector, a White's MX Sport, on a favorite hiking spot in Oregon since wintertime has been mild this year. I had never been to this spot before but I walked in about mile before starting to detect. The first part of the hike was tough. I was walking down trail and there was a spot that opened up. It was out of place but i was finding lots of nails there. After about 30 targets, all trash, I got this axe head. It was getting dark so i wanted to get out of the woods before dark. I should have back tracked. I ended up walking 3 more miles. The trail came out in the middle of the town where the trail was. I had to walk way back to my car that was on the other end. I'm glad i did not back track though. It would have been in the hilly terrain in the dark. I did 6 miles that day. Next time i go back I will know the area. I looked at pics of axe heads and the closest thing I found like it was an early vintage Craftsman axe head.

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