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Colonial Buckle

By: Anonymous

One of my first hunts since first buying my X-TERRA 705 I was in my favourite local spot. About an hour into my hint I had a nice tone come through but it jumped a little bit because of the harsh soil conditions and trash. Even though my 705 was new to me I could hear the good tone stand out amongst all the nails and bits of iron. I am glad I dug this signal because about 8" down inside the plug I popped out I could see the end of the buckle barely peeking out. When I pulled some dirt away and saw what I had my heart was pounding. Completely intact was this buckle which I have posted on a forum and no one has positively been able to tell me what kind of buckle other than maybe a child's shoe buckle or clothing buckle maybe to a hat but dating between 1720-1790's. I have been over this spot with two other well known detectors before and it was not discovered until I got my Minelab. Thank you Minelab for making the world's best detectors. I am very happy and proud to be the first one to see and touch this piece in over two hundred years! I see more Minelab detectors and awesome finds in my future!