Civil War Hunt uncovers 1840 Seated Half Dime

By: Anonymous

It started out as a regular day of relic hunting, on a historical site which is located on private property. My friend and I started out as normal, getting some bullets and flat buttons, camp lead then I got this strange hit on the E-TRAC, FE 8 CO 40 Steady from all directions saying 5 inches.

Well I have never seen FE 8 CO 40 before, so I started to dig to see what it was. I cut the plug 4 inches so it would be in the bottom of the hole, well it was not there. I could not find it with my Garrett Probe, because the soil is so mineralized it goes off when you touch the dirt.


I was about ready to give up. I put the plug back in the hole and was getting ready to walk away, So I scanned the plug again with the E-TRAC and still a steady FE 8 CO 40 five inches, so I bent back down run my Probe over the top of the plug and Bingo it was on top of the plug one and a half inches and out comes a 1840 Seated Half Dime.

I could not believe what I was holding, I had to sit on the ground for about five minutes. I Just could not believe what I was holding. And to think I almost walked away because I could not locate it at five inches.

I think it said five inches, because I had my deep mode on. I just got my E-TRAC this last Christmas. I have got about 25 silver coins so far this year. The oldest was 1899-O Barber dime until this 1840 half dime, and two Indian head pennies 1891 and 1868. 10 Slivers in the Month of March 2013 what a year this is going to be!!!

Thanks Minelab for the development of the E-TRAC. Wow…………

civil-war-hunt-uncovers-1840-seated-half-dime-1 civil-war-hunt-uncovers-1840-seated-half-dime-2