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Civil War Finds With MXT

By: Jessica m.

Since then I have been detecting hard to find places for civil war relics in the Dallas, Ga area. I have the 950 stock coil as well as the 6x10 DD coil, I hunt these relics in the picture attached and I found some with the 950 coil half a day. I then went back to the same ground with the 6x10 DD and sniffed out what I had missed, the ground in this area is mostly hotter than Georgia asphalt but the MXT sniffs out the goodies. [split] The picture is what I have found with the MXT the past couple weeks, I never would have imagined finding anything like this with the other brand of detectors I have had. All my friends have either the XLT or the MXT, and we all do well with these detectors. The MXT has made my life totally different now that I have a machine that can separate and identify targets that are worthy or digging without breaking my back to dig every target. Everyone I know that has the other brand detectors are switching to the White’s due to my harassing them that they are leaving the goodies behind for us White's detector guys, I guess all of us White's users are your salesman, we all know that these detectors are the best on the market, your customer service \& technical staff are the best in the business. I will always own a White's, heck my wife will probably have to bury me with my MXT once I pass away many years from now. Wonder if there are good relic spots in heaven? Thank you so much for designing a perfect detecting machine for us hardcore relic diggers!