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Civil War Discoveries

By: Anonymous

My last trip out I dug ten 69 caliber drops, all deep, ranging from eight to 15 inches. The coin mold was with the 69's, you can make out the impression of a Seated Quarter in it. The brass Saddle Shield is marked, size 12. The brass healplate has the corps insignia. That Civil War soldier left his Corps insignia in every step he made in the dirt, he would have been easy to track!


I also dug a period brass daguerreo type frame in nice condition. One of my favorite finds is the period brass stencil, you can see the letter T is all that remains. In the center the brass latch looking item is a from the earliest fall hunt, it's a fastening device for a shoulder scale to attach to a civil war uniform, next to it is a period brass musket side plate.

I found several of these relics down deep in fire pits, you never know what will come out of a firepit. When we do civil war re-enacting, and set up a new camp, we do exactly what the civil war soldiers did in that we dig a large firepit. We dig it down over a foot deep and set up our tripod poles and hang our pots from them, we always toss all kinds of stuff in the firepit just as the civil war soldiers did back in the day.

You need a deep detector sometimes to find the firepits, the X-TERRA 705 with the 10.5" DD 7.5 Khz Coil is one of the deepest relic detectors on the market! For our soil and ground conditions here in SW Missouri, it is my favorite relic detector for deep targets! Minelab is second to none!

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