By: Anonymous

I have now had the E-TRAC since May of 2010 and was so pleased with its performance and suprised that my picture was in the National Magazines, Since then I have found serveral hammered coins, georgian coins, and the "odd things" and "what its". I don't worry in writing reports for the above as my club find these with the other machines ( I don't recomend ) However I got to tell everyone the power of this machine.

Since I have had it I have learnt so much, and this was proved on Sunday last, where on a 185 acre ploughed field, The E-TRAC, was the only machine out of our club to pull up 2 whole hammered coins, but my first half cut coin and an outstanding cut quater, from 6" down. I was so chuffed that the machine found it, and when I showed it to 3 members thier machines (non Minelab) could not pick the item up, another round to the E-TRAC, and top marks in designing an truely powerful machine. One of the members is now going to by Minelab due to this air test. Carry on the good work Minelab.