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By: Anonymous

A friend Markoss and I had detecting access to an 1850’s homestead site on private country land. We had detected there twice previously and un-earthed some great old Australian tokens and British coins from our early colonial days dated between 1806 and 1910. The odd piece of jewellery and some brass dog registration tags from as early as 1889 also came to light. To us it had been a dream spot but with both of us using E-TRAC's we thought that the area had been covered fairly well by our third trip. Our thinking was correct and finds of note were much harder to come by.


I had my E-TRAC in Two Tone Ferrous and decided to rework a grassy mound when a strong clear signal of 03.47 halted me. A very deep dig produced a big coin which I presumed was another large Queen Victoria Young Head penny circa 1838-1860. The extra heavy weight of it made me look again before putting it in the finds bag. It had a pronounced rim all around it on both sides. I grinned and called out to Mark who was watching me dig the target “it’s a Cartwheel…whoohoo” and did a silly little Irish victory jig around the dig hole. It’s a well worn old coin but beautiful to my eyes.

The one ounce pure copper Cartwheel penny’s were minted by King George 3rd in 1797 and this one is my oldest coin ever found. My trusty E-TRAC got treated to a special clean and detail that evening. To break into the 1700’s is a dream come true.

cartwheeling-1 cartwheeling-2 cartwheeling-3