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Can You Smell Gold

By: Anonymous

Just as harvest had been in operation for some weeks I decided to pay a visit to a local field, with Steve, that had only been harrowed a few days before. In the past this field yielded little to the many determined searchers who trod its surface. Detecting is a combination of research skill, a great detector and of course Lady Luck. Combined these three come under numerous other permutations when considering frame of mind and weather. Anyway for some possible 700 years something had indeed been lost on this most "tight" of terrains. In the last 40 years no local detectorist was gifted the right permutation of factors to find this buried thing. But on this day in late August, armed with my Safari, the combination of elusive factors would fuse together for me and a strange but positive signal would be experienced.


Digging amongst the ankle shaving clusters of Rape stalks and uneven hard pack clay lumps I prized out a clod of earth. No thin edge of a coin just visible here, for there stuck on the edge of the clod was a Half Noble of Edward glinted in the sun which itself had been for this summer almost as rare as the coin I was admiring. It carried on glinting for about two minutes until I dared to pick it up and call Steve over. As he traipsed over he could not imagine what he was just about to be shown and stood there with an open jaw. He was gob smacked not only to see the coin but he kept just staring at me, why? As we set up a couple of hours before I had one of those little moments when you think "shall I say that or not?" I decided to say it ..............and the words were "Steve, I smell gold today."

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