Broke My Silver Record

By: Anonymous

Started the day out hitting some old ball fields with my brother. I was running the E-TRAC... First field we hit lots of clad I hit 2 wheats nothing speacial. My brother remebered a small field we hit last year without much luck so off we headed for this little 1940s ball field behind a school. 20min into the hunt my brother hits a 1941 washington then I hit a nice 5 gram silver ring.

We kept hunting for awhile then I got a nice solid 12-40 on the E-TRAC shallow real shallow. I was thinking hmmm another penny well I flipped the plug open. Pinpointer said it was in the plug pawed thru and I see a small silver disc quick look and I'm like oh a pendant. I looked a little closer and I'm like oh... that's a seated lady called my brother over and ended up being a 1838 seated half dime broke my silver record by 58 yrs!!!! We still aren't sure how that ended up in that field lots of old houses nearby though. But once again thanks to Minelab awesome machine!

broke-my-silver-record-1 broke-my-silver-record-2