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Broad Axe Metal Detecting Find

By: Phillip G.

I found this on 9-11-18 . I live in Wirt County, WV . I was watching TV that morning and seeing the footage if 9-11 was to depressing. So I loaded up my gear and took off in my ATV. Went to a old homestead that is still standing. I unpacked my At Pro and started working the side yard and came up with a signal of 83 . Thought it was going to be a coin but was I wrong. When I dug down 5 inches I realized it was just a piece of iron. I could wiggle it some but required more digging. When I finally got it out I still wasn't for sure what it was exactly . Then I realized that it was a huge broad ax. I was dancing and going nuts - for I collect axes and this one was Superior to me. Just a foot from it another signal in the mid 70's and pulled out half of an Ox Shoe...and I chuckled ..Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox were here. I am now starting into my 3rd year of detecting. I am a relics Hunter and to me , this is one of the best relics I have found. This will have a custom designed handle that will hang on my wall.

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