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Big Silver...Seated in the South

By: Anonymous

Hot August or Cold January I'm not too hard to find. And today is no different. Whether it's an older yard, empty lot or the woods, I'm usually there. With My E-TRAC in tow , my hunting buddy arrive at our first of 3 stops for the day. It did not take long before that familiar sweet sound was singin' through my head phones.

Much to my surprise, the 12-43 signal was not a wheat cent this time... Staring back at me was my second Seated dime ! After the congratulative fist bumps I continue on. Next target was a jumpy 01-42.. Thinking aluminum can... I had mixed feelings.

But I dig em' anyway.. What I would see next I will NEVER forget. My FIRST Morgan Dollar!!! After pictures , phone calls and pats on the back, we move on. I would eventually recover my 12 Standing Liberty Quarter also. Thanks Minelab for helping me Bring the past to the Present.

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