Best Year Ever with My V3i!

By: Anonymous

I started out metal detecting more than 10 years ago with very basic White's metal detector. It did not have a lot of bells and whistles; it simply beeped when it went over a desirable target. Even though it was very basic, I dug many silver coins with it.

Soon I was hooked on the hobby and felt that I needed something with more features. I splurged and bought myself a DFX. I made some amazing discoveries with the DFX including coins dating back more than 300 years. I thought there would never be a better detector, until a friend talked me into buying a V3i. Since the day I started using the V3i, I started finding older, deeper targets more often. I decided to go back to all of my sites that I thought were hunted out, and they seemed to come back to life!


Not only is the V3i the deepest seeking detector I have ever owned, it is more sensitive to tiny targets! Over the last two years I have found hundreds of tiny cuff buttons from the Civil War and older that I missed before. The 22.5 KHz frequency makes a huge difference!

I now find old coins and relics on nearly every outing, and this year I have found some amazing colonial silver jewelry, old Spanish and US silver coins.

But my best coin was found back in the spring at an old farm site. It was a rare 1795 Flowing Hair half dime, buried nearly 10 inches down. It is the find of a lifetime for me and I doubt I will ever be able to top it. I sold the coin recently for a significant amount of money. I am sure that if I was not using the V3i I never would have found this coin.

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