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Best First Day Luck of All Time

By: Anonymous

I might have had some of the best first day luck with a metal detector of all time. I found several dollars in clad around my house. Many around the street, where I live across from a football stadium, and several people tailgate in my front yard before games.

I was pretty excited from that, so I decided to show the people from work how easy and quick it was to learn how to metal detect. They all (4 of them) were interested in metal detecting. I just happened to be the first to buy one. I showed them the basics and off they went. One guy found several coins, another found a piece of a pendant. The next gentlemen was kinda hesatant. So I took the detector to show him how easy it was.

The detector started beeping on a 30, 32. We all were excited to see what it was, we pulled the plug, and I saw it hanging out. A 14k gold mens german class ring!!! We all were blown away.

I hope everyone has as much luck as my friends and I! Needless to say, they all want a X-TERRA 705 now lol.