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Belt Plate Metal Detecting Find

By: Scott C.

Last Thursday I headed to Tupelo, Mississippi with my dad to do some Civil War Relic hunting with my brother who lives just outside of Tupelo. He took us to a location he has hunted multiple times in hopes I could find my first civil war bullet. It took me about 5 minutes to pull my first Mississippi silver, although it was just a 57 Rosie. We hunted for about 2 hours before I dug a bouncy 73-75 signal on my Garrett AT Gold at 6 inches. As I pulled the dirt from the hole I saw the tail white patina of a dropped 2 ring miniball. AWESOME! I was so excited. About 10 minutes later I got a screaming 87 about 4 inches down. Now those of you who dig know that that number at that depth yells Coke can hahaha. Worse yet a large root along with multiple root systems blocked me from the target. I gently removed the dirt waiting for a Budweiser can but to my surprise saw something with a bright green patina. I worked the roots and the target until I pulled it out and to my surprise it nearly filled my hand. It resembled a belt buckle and had writing on the back. Upon further investigation the writing revealed I had found a truly marvelous historic find. The back read US Allegheny Arsenal. This was a buckle from Allegheny County just outside of Pittsburgh, and was an officer's sword belt plate. These particular buckles were produced in 1851. The eagle and wreath were missing, but you can imagine how excited I was to find Civil War Belt Buckle!!!

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