Backyard Success

By: Anonymous

My father and I have been detecting for a couple of years never finding much but clad. I finally get into the hobby a bit more and purchased the E-TRAC! I un-boxed it and charged the battery overnight while I read through the user guide. I took it outside the next morning and first signal I dug with it ended up being a 1906 Indian Head Penny.


I could not believe that my yard could produce such an old coin. Well little did I know there was much more to be found. Last week I decided to try swinging around my yard a bit more. I got a decent signal dug my plug and could not believe what I saw. The wife says I looked like a mad-man screaming at her through the window as I rinsed off the coin with my hose outside. I was screaming "its seated! its a seated liberty quarter!". I could not believe just how good the coin looked after being in the ground for over 100 years!

Just last Friday I took the day off work to do a few odds and ends around the house. I decided to take a break away and grabbed the E-TRAC. I went to the opposite side of my lawn and started to swing. I was at it for about an hour before I got a really good hit. Dug the plug only to find another, yes another, seated liberty quarter. This time it was an 1857! It was a bit worn but I loved it just the same. I have not had this much fun with any hobby in the past and look forward to what the E-TRAC produces for me in the future!

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