Another Great Year with my MXT

By: Jessica m.

I had another great year with my MXT. The durability of these detectors is amazing. My brother in law is a farmer here in Indiana. After learning of my hobby, he told me he had several places I could metal detect. He showed me a field that once had a corner store and a post office on it. Well I couldn't wait to hunt the area. The first hunt I pulled out an 1894 Barber half dollar and later in the week pulled a nice 1894 Barber quarter. [split] The second place was a field that once had house on it that went back to the 1800's. After several hunts and some Indian head Penny's I found my first Large cent, 1849. I went back a week later and hit the same area pretty hard and pulled my second holed large cent, 1835. Both the Half dollar and my first large cent where no more than two inches deep.

another-great-year-with-my-MXT-1 another-great-year-with-my-MXT-2 another-great-year-with-my-MXT-3