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Ancient Finds From Japan

By: Anonymous

Went detecting along another old mountain path that runs from Bishamon Temple to Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto. I wasn't expecting to find much but figured that if I did hit something it was going to be old. About halfway along the walk I hit a solid 12-25 on the E-TRAC and bent down to dig in the ancient clay. Just about an inch under the surface and out popped a little stack of coins, all fused together. I was super-excited and assumed that they were Edo Period (1603~1868) coins called Kanei Tsuho like ones I have found before. They would have been strung together and on a string and carried that way. I threw them in the finds pouch and kept on for the whole day.

When I got home I gently brushed the coins and eased them apart and realized instantly that the kanji (Chinese characters) were very different from the regular Edo coins. I started to get excited and my wife and I (she's Japanese) spent about an hour looking the coins up on the internet. Turns out they are almost 1000 years old (and one almost 1400 years old)! Back when Japan used coins from China. Strange that whoever lost these had one coin that was 400 years older than the others but that's how it was...all seven glued together with time and corrosion. Still pretty excited and can't wait to get back out there. Definitely my oldest find ever!!!

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