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Amazing Farm Metal Detecting Find

By: Will F.

After many failed attempts of trying to obtain permission to metal detect this old farm due to various personal reasons the owners have had, i finally get the call to have a meet and greet and go over the hobby, answer questions and show the property owners the equipment used. After all is said and shown I get the green light to detect the farm fields. I head straight to the back corner of the field where I have done research and knew there was once an old home foundation lost over time. To my surprise the original well was still there. I knew that would make a great starting point. So I began spiraling out away from the well getting various signals. First good signal I got on my new minelab Equinox 600 (purchased from Kellyco) was an 1848 large cent. I was so happy as that was my first large cent found metal detecting. Now beaming with excitement I carry on with my outward spiral. Next good tone a beautiful dandy button. Now super excited to good targets coming from this site I carry on.. Next signal I get is one many in this hobby will never get the chance to dig. Nearly 14" down to my amazement a civil war breast plate seeing light for the first time since the mid 1800s. This is an amazing piece of once lost history, now found and shared with you. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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