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Always Check Your Trash

By: Anonymous

While detecting my favorite field in Southern NJ I happened into an area that was saturated with small bits of tin and aluminum. After an hour or so of sticking these little annoyances in my trash pouch, I made my way home.

At my office I started to discard this trash into my trash bin. One of the last pieces to come out of my pouch was a bit heavier but I still pinched it between my fingers and flicked it across the room towards the trash can... I MISSED.

So I got up... walked over and picked it up. As I did, the little piece of tin split into 2 pieces and fell to the floor. As I again, picked them up, I noticed a bit of engraving or embossing on the surface of one... I scanned it at a very high resolution and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the I nearly threw away 2, 17th century Swedish Skillings with approx dates of 1640 to 1670.

Luckily I'm not a very good basketball player. If I had hit the trash can on the first try... I would have never seen these 2 fantastic coins. My oldest to date... Love my CTX 3030!

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