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All in a Day's Work

By: Anonymous

After some weeks of research, I finally came across some area I wanted to detect. So, early one morning off I went. And after only 2 minutes, I got my first target... an 18 carat gold ring.

From there on, I just kept getting signal after signal. At the end of the day, I found 43 good targets and 28 pieces of junk.

The 18 carat ring itself is valued at around $1200. Plus some rings and earrings that have diamonds in them.

The old coins have to be cleaned and valued. the one thing I learned with using a detector with target id is that when a target is in the ground for a long time and in very mineralised ground, the target id may not be correct.

So my advice is to dig all possible targets. You never know what's down there until it's out of the ground.

For the price of the X-TERRA 305, you can't go wrong. Mine has paid for itself over and over.

Good luck hunting!!

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