All By Its Lonesome

By: Jessica m.

I recently participated in a organized relic hunt (Digging in Virginia), held on grounds around the battle grounds of Brandy Station in Culpeper Virginia. After some fine tuning and beginning off into a rolling field where some confederate items were found in the past, bullets started slowly seeing the light of day. Needless to say, other hunters were finding their share too. To give some space and trying to find that untouched spot, I wandered for about a twenty minute walk from my hunting partners to an area completely void of diggers and dig holes. Signals were nowhere to be found, but the area just looked too good to leave.[split] After finally get a soft low tone through my headphones, I figured I might have another deep bullet. After about twelve inches and no bullet, I started thinking buckle. Then at about 18" I see a hint of green. After slowly picking into the dirt with my hand tool, I slowly pulled out a all brass Confederate sword scabbard. Unfortunately it was missing about 6-8". I scoured that area for another two hours trying to find the remaining piece with not another signal within 50 yards. How it got there all by its lonesome is anyone's guess but oh well ,what a piece of history from the largest Calvary battle in the Civil War.