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A Super Week of Detecting and Great Deeds

By: Jessica m.

As a member of The Ring Finders lost jewelry recovery network I received 4 calls this week from people who lost jewelry items at the beach here in New Jersey. The 1st call was for a Tungsten wedding band that had been lost in the dry sand 2 days prior to the call and offered a $100.00 reward. The owner was able to provide detailed information to the area of the loss and within minutes of turning on my BeachHunter 300 I had the ring in my scoop! I called the owner who was very happy and amazed that I found it. I met up with his very thankful wife and returned the ring. [split] The 2nd was a call from Jeff who had lost his gold wedding band with 4 diamonds at a marina while washing his boat at the dock. He was ringing out a towel and he saw the ring slip from his finger and into the water between the boat and the dock. We met at the marina at low tide later in the week and the water was still 5 feet deep, no visibility and a mucky bottom. I entered the water next to the dock and could touch the bottom however I was neck deep! Again armed with the BHID 300 rather than hipmount the control box I was able to let Jeff hold it while leaning over the dock and me moving very slowly into the target area so I could listen to the audio while he observed the lights on the box. There were various targets and then I heard a sound like there were 2 targets close to each other. One high and one mid tone and I decided to remove one at a time because it was bouncing back and forth from ring to coin. I removed the first which turned out to be a fire extinguisher mounting bracket for a boat. With that removed the second targets came through loud and clear as a ring signal. I carefully positioned my scoop and brought it to the surface and BINGO! I had it! There’s nothing like the shine of gold coming out of the water. This was a tricky one! Jeff, Dock master and onlookers were just amazed at its recovery and my service. The owner of the ring explained that the 4 diamonds represented his wife and their 3 children and it meant the world to him and was extremely thankful for its return and rewarded me with $500.00, a cold beer and we are now friends on Facebook. The 3rd was a call I received while on my way to the above call only blocks away was from Matt who explained that his daughter had dropped one of her mother’s platinum diamond earrings in the dry sand at the beach entrance way. He had the matching earring which was the size of a fingernail so I decided my V3i was the best detector for the job. Checking the other earrings response on the V3i it registered as a +3 on the VDI screen. Setting up a 10 x 10 search area with small orange flags, I began the search and after 20 minutes and 2 small pieces of foil I found the earring and handed it back to his very relieved daughter. The father insisted that I accept his $100.00 reward which I refused at first being happy with a good deed for my day. The 4th and final call was from Paul who had lost a very heavy 18k gold chain and pendant his father had made for him 20 years ago as a jeweler. He explained that he was body surfing with his 2 daughters at the beach in front of the lifeguard area at high tide the day before and was interested in hiring me to search for the chain. He explained that his brother carried on the family jewelry business and he was aware of the scrap value of the items was around $2500.00 and is willing to pay a reward of that amount to me if I find it because it meant much more to him than that. I asked him if he was sure about his $2500.00 offer and he said if someone else finds it they will probably just scrap it so why not pay you the scrap value if I can get it back! Wow! I'm on it! With the information he provided I arrived at the beach 2 hours later and waited for the tide to go out and realized I had only missed 1 tide since its loss so my chances of recovery were good. Waiting on the packed beach for 7 hours I finally entered the area in front of the lifeguard stand and started gridding back and forth between the flags of the designated swimming area. Digging clad and a junk earring I continued on and noticed another hunter with a good detector walking by swinging his coil just above the flagged area of the swim zone. As I approached the flag post that he had just searched on the opposite side of, I got that nice mid-tone on the BHID 300. Scooping the sand and dumping it I realized it was still in the hole. Taking another deeper scoop of sand and checking the hole with my detector I realized the target was out of the hole. Searching the sand revealed the sought after golden treasure!! I couldn't believe how heavy it was (62.7 grams) and I returned to my truck and called Paul with the great news. He couldn't believe that I had found it and I could hear him telling his family in the background of the great news as they were all cheering!! I met with Paul and his father for the return the next day and they were extremely amazed and thankful for my ability to provide such a great service and insisted I accept his offered reward amount of $2500.00 Wow!!! A $3200.00 week!! Outstanding!!

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