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A Success Story From US

By: Anonymous

Hello everyone

Just got out detecting with new fors gold on previously well detected area. I detected every square inch of this surface gold deposit with other detectors till there was no more signals.


So when I started to detect this area with FORS Gold, there was alot of new targets that were deeper. I only had about a half hour of detecting time. But I found these 2 nice pieces of gold and some more lead targets that were never heard before. The FORS Gold was very impressive. I ran it in boost mode. ID masking 10. Sensitivity 80. It is impossible to use general mode here. For it is very mineralized. In boost mode FORS Gold was very stable. It chirps once in awhile on hemetite hot rocks. But is not a repeatable signal. Now that I found out FORS Gold gets better depth than any vlf detector. I'm going to have to redetect acres of land to see what other detectors missed.

I will be posting more soon. Sorry no video. Found out my battery for camcorder is bad. So I'm going to be getting a new gopro camera for my upcoming FORS Gold adventures.

To be honest, I dont know if I will ever use my other brand (fisher goldbug pro) detector again. This FORS Gold is way better and deeper. It even finds tiny pieces of gold with standard 11¨ coil. I was very impressed. Well take care for now.