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A Safari Victory

By: Anonymous

Minelab products never cease to amaze me with their build quality and performance. Over the last decade, such products have made some of the most astounding and fantastic discoveries for my colleagues and me. This goes on and on.

Some time back a friend was made redundant and his detector broke so I lent him my Safari. Eventually I gave him it and he has gone on to make superb finds at incredible depths. Today he popped round with another "Safari Victory" this time a beautiful and mysterious Roman votive altar, most often associated with Roman soldiers and various cult beliefs.


It's in great condition having leaf shaped enamel panels and lovely green patination. These finds in Britain are incredibly rare. But to be fair, we have two complete examples and a few bits of them. Each forming a true time line back to a period where a Roman soldier placed a small altar as an offering at a temple a direct connection with that individual.

Of course such a soldier could never have imagined the sophisticated technology that would enable someone else to hold the little altar again in twenty centuries time.....thank you Minelab