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A Really Loud Signal About Blew my Headphones Off My Head!

By: Kelly W.

Hi JW, I thought I would send you some photos from a hunt I had on 08-02-06. I was hunting an old fairgrounds in my area and I was using my Whites MXT which was outfitted with my Excelerator 4.5 X 7 coil. During my hunt I began to notice that some of the coins I was digging up were pre-82 pennys, 1965 quarter, 1953 nickel and 1965 and 1966 dimes. I had been hunting pretty fast, but after seeing the dates on these coins I slowed down. I had just recovered 3 pre-82 pennies and before moving on I swung my coil over the hole and got another good signal. I dug down further into the hole, to about 4 inches, and recovered three wheaties. Again I swung my coil over the hole before moving on and I recieved a really loud signal that about blew my headphones off my head. I dug down to about 6 inches and recovered a beautiful 1964 Kennedy half. You would have been proud of me because I did not even put a scratch on it. I was pretty excited about my find because it has been awhile since my last silver coin recovery. I am glad that I always double check my holes before moving on, if I had not the Kennedy Half and the wheaties would still be buried for someone else to find. I am very happy with the performace of my Whites's MXT and my Excelerator 4.5 X 7 coil , because they get down to the treasure!!! HH Dennis in Caldwell, Idaho