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A Rare French Coin in MA

By: Anonymous

Hi, my name Chris I want to share this find with you guys. I found this rare French 2 Sous coin from 1782.i found it with my friend's E-TRAC. I normally use my Garrett AT Pro, but I wanted to try out the E-TRAC. Now I'm hooked! I wish I can a by one right now but money is tight. I have already half together.

Anyways I was detecting a local park what was est. I 1860 so I never thought that I would find such old coin here. I have been many times over that spot with my machine but the E-TRAC picked it up 18 inches deep, impressive! I like the Minelab better than the Garrett detectors and I can't wait to own one. Thank you for letting me share my story.

Happy hunting to all you and keep on digging!

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