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A Piece of Early American History

By: Anonymous

I have been using the Minelab E-TRAC for almost 2 years now and can say without a doubt that it is the best machine for the type of detecting that I do. I primarily hunt cellar holes and abandoned home sites from the 1700's - early 1800's here in the NH/VT area. All of the sites are trashy and require the best equipment on the market.

The other day, after receiving permission from the land owner, I was able to get out and detect an old cellar hole that had been hit by many detectorists with lesser machines. After about 10 minutes at the site, I received a nice high tone accompanied by the numbers 09-41 near the edge of the old stone foundation. I decided to dig even though there were lots of ferrous and non ferrous bits of trash in the area.

I'm glad that I did! Up from about 9'' came this Gorgeous, fully intact US Military belt plate from the 1810-1820 era. WOW, was my response!!!!!!!! This is a beautiful piece of early American history and I feel as though it would still be in the ground had I been using a lesser machine.

I have made many incredible finds with my E-TRAC and I can't say enough praise about this machine and it's capabilities.

Thank you Minelab for offering us detectorists the best there is!

a-piece-of-early-american-history-1 a-piece-of-early-american-history-2