A Once in a Lifetime Find

By: Anonymous

Recieved a phone call from a friend of mine, pgh mole to go detecting at a hunted out park and was not too excited to go, but it was better than sitting at home. Got to the park and was not finding much but clad, this park had givin up a 90 clad quarter cashe and some silver in the past. Decided to find a spot where I thought nobody had hit, looked up the hill where there were some big trees and high grass and decided thats where im going to start.

Found a few wheats and then a screamin signal but when I dug it was a rusty old knife. Ran my E-TRAC back over the hole and got another signal, started to move the dit away and tomy surprise there was the glass top of an old planters peanut jar.

When I dumped the coins out on the picnic table I couldn't believe my eyes the jar held a great cache, that is a once in a lifetime find. 326 wheat pennys, 1 barber half, 2 walking liberty halves, 1 1923 peace dollar, 52 mercury dimes 2 buffalo nickles, 2 v nickles, 2 silver war nickles, and 1 barber dime. Oh and almost forgot, 1936 washington quarter.

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