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A Nice Hotspot in an Hacienda

By: Anonymous

I saw this place in the distance when I was driving to a work meeting, something told me that it was a good place to detect with my X-TERRA 705. I began the investigation of the Hacienda, apparently it existed since the late 1800, but surprises were about to see the sun.

The first afternoon there I found many interesting items, such a religious emblem from 1928, some religious medals from "La Cristeada" a nice silver coin from 1950 and many cupper "Centavos" from 1880, but the best was yet to come.

The second day of detecting I saw a field that took my attention, after a few minutes of detecting I called my friends, Big Boss took the camera and I began digging a target...

IT WAS A 1748 Ferdinand VI of 1 real!!! The oldest coin I´ve found until now!!!

A few metters ahead the second surprise was to come, I dug another signal that was... 2 Reales of CAROLUS III 1778!!!

That was a day to remember!!! We visit the Hacienda for 5 days, it has existed at least since 1750, we found more coins, a nice ring, more silver, bullets and pieces of a bell.

There are areas with a lot of vegetation that will be prospected in the next months...

All the stuff was found with the X-TERRA 705!!!

a-nice-hotspot-in-an-hacienda-1 a-nice-hotspot-in-an-hacienda-2