A New Property to Hunt Pays Off

By: Anonymous

I have been using a White's V3i since March of 2010. Well I had to take the wife's van in to have an oil change and get the rotors replaced. Cool thing is that I recently got permission to detect the old property next to the garage. So I dropped the van off and headed over to start swinging. First thing I did was went over to the property corner and see if I could find the iron pin because the property owner asked me the last time I was there if I could find his corners. Found all but two so I am still looking for them. And again no luck today. WAY to many nails! So I decided to go over by the road which is original to the area and do some swinging under the trees. I had been hunting for about 45 minutes at this point and started to find some older clad and then I got this slamming signal. For you V3i guys it was a solid 91 with half green and half red bars in each frequency straight up and down on the screen saying it was 2" down. So my first thought was "well...it could be...." so I dug it up thinking "its going to be part of a car". Well HOLY COW my first silver dollar!!! I immediately fire off a group text to the boys to let them know. Of course they are replying back that I was full of it. So I slid my detector over and could not believe what the screen said......SAME SIGNAL at 3" deep!!! I dug really careful and there was another silver dollar! I dug it out the rest of the way and let the boys know I had two!! Of course the responses became more colorful which I do not blame them as I wouldn't believe me either. I placed each dollar on the hole it came out of and sent the boys the second picture so they will finally believe me and start getting myself ready to swing again. I start swinging again and wouldn't you know.....SAME SIGNAL at 4-5" deep!!! At this point I am praising God out loud!!! I dig it up and I am in shock!! I let the boys know via text and they start responding with "It's a cache! No one drops three silver dollars!! Search that place hard!!" Well I started swinging again and POW!!! SAME SIGNAL this time at about 6 or 7" deep. So I dug and there it was. I had to leave!! I was not in the right state of mind to be digging on the side of the road at that point. I figured I will hit again another time....I have got to go before I get hit by a car because I am floating around on cloud nine!! I get home and take a picture of the coins before I rinsed the dirt off of them and one after I rinsed the dirt off of them. DATES ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1886 O 1901 O 1901 O 1921 Also found two silver Washington quarters, a silver mercury dime and two silver Roosevelt dimes!! I am still in shock!! I don't think I could possibly top this day!!