A Happy Balance

By: Anonymous

I enjoy posting videos, reading forums and making new friends in the Detecting Hobby. Having said that, it upsets me when I see users of other metal detectors talking down on Minelab products and making fun of us for relying on numbers.


On one hand I agree with them that you cannot always go with the numbers as you also have to listen to the sounds and even more so, go with your gut feeling. That brings me to todays find where just that took place. When I first was learning the E-TRAC, I wasn't digging anything but coins and missing some of those if the numbers were not matching what I thought they should be. As I learned more and got use to the machine from both experience and enjoying videos of other Minelab product users, I realized I had to start digging a bit more weirder numbers to get unique finds...

I now have a happy balance where I can pass over obvious trash signals and dig more of the unique signals. We know unless they invent an X-ray detector, you will never get rid of all the trash you have to dig unless you just want coins.

During todays dig, I had a sweet hightone right next to a sidewalk in a park. The numbers were some I had never seen before so I was more than curious. When the Antique sterling silver Broach popped out of the hole, I was riding on cloud 9.

Thanks again for the amazing technology.