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A Great Start

By: Anonymous

I just bought my first detector (X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack) for Veterans Day. After a month of finding a noob's share of pull tabs, wire, and other non-collectibles, my luck seems to be turning.

I live near Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX and thanks to some gracious neighbors have been able to dig some in their yards. So far, I have found a 45-70 shell casing (bent though), a .36 caliber cap and ball bullet, some fairly large pieces of lead that may be shrapnel, what seems to be a musket ball, a railroad spike, a 4" flat nail, and something that looks like an iron spade.


To top it off, I found a modern era quarter and three pennies which have made a very small dent in the cost of the detector. Finding a new hobby...priceless.

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