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A Glint Of Gold

By: Anonymous

On 2/9/13 it was a bright and clear, but cool Saturday and it will stand out in my memory for a long time.

A friend and I was lucky enough to be able to hunt around a home built in the late 1700’s . This site has been hunted many times by many different detectors. I was not to surprised that most of the finds were very deep. After about an hour of finding a few clad coins and lots of can slaw I got multiple targets on my CTX 3030 screen. There were two targets about three to four inches apart. With my digger I opened the hole and scooped out the dirt and with a pin pointer quickly located a military looking pin that read A.R.C.


Then I scooped out one side of the hole and found a small badge that had an E on it. On the back it read Army-Navy Production award and “sterling”. That was a great find but it got better. I filled the hole in and got up rescanned the area and about a foot away I got another hit. I opened another hole and was busy cleaning out the hole when in the very bottom I saw the glint of GOLD Yes! I carefully reached in the hole and pulled out a beautiful 1938 class ring. This ring was in great shape and sparkled in the bright sunlight. After admiring it for a few minutes it was back to work. Then a few minutes later and about thirty feet up the hill I got a faint reading. I opened another hole and this one was really deep. I scooped out the dirt and pulled out an 1897 Indian head that looked to be in great shape. This day just kept getting better. Before this day ended I had dug a lot of unknown objects and two old large copper buttons. There is a lot of places out there that are called hunted out areas, but until they have been Minelab’ed they are not hunted out . I bought my CTX 3030 in late summer of last year. This detector has brought me a lot of enjoyment and it is a definitely a keeper.

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