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A First for Everything

By: Anonymous

I'm from Niagara Falls, Canada. I just purchased a E-TRAC detector after I read all the good success stories on with Minelab machines. After I received my machine I was excited to test it out, I read over the manual did a few tests in the back yard and went to a spot I found last year just before the snow came. This was my first time out this year and first time I have ever used a Minelab machine, I walked out onto the field and my first signal was a 1880 canadian nickle! It was the oldest coin I ever found but not for long!!!

After my heart finally settled down I was on my way back to the car I had another strong silver about 6 inches down I flipped over a shovel full of dirt and laying on top was a 1776 Carolus iii silver coin!!! That did it I dug my first 1800's coin, and 1700's coin all in the same day while it being my first day out with the E-TRAC on the first hunt of the year... that was a first for everything!!! Thanks Minelab.