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A Double V Nickel Day

By: Anonymous

I went to an old site today and this place is mega trashy, nails everywhere!!! I tried several different methods of hunting and TTF was the only option where I could get decent signals, and I crawled thru the iron slow as a snail! If you look at the dirty pic, look at all the nails, there were nails in almost every hole I dug, this place is brutal.

I dug all signals nickel range and above, started off with a 1906 injun, then a 1936 wheat, everything was clad and trash after that for almost 2 hrs, then I got a 3" deep nickel signal, dug the hole saw a green disk, flipped it out and it was a 1899 V nickel with a 1899 barber dime stuck to the back of it! Stand up go about one foot and I get another shallow nickel signal. Out pops an 1894 V nickel...ended on a good note! I don't remember the last day I had a double V nickel day.

This site must of had dirt moved around a lot, sometimes you dig zincs at 6" and old coins are 3-4". So you have to dig everything, you cannot go by depth.

I would have NEVER got these finds without the E-TRAC, its ability to pull coins from the iron is AMAZING!

a-double-v-nickel-day-1 a-double-v-nickel-day-2