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A Different Kind of Treasure

By: Anonymous

I was attending my first metal detecting Rally with my brand new Safari. As I was new to the hobby my expectations were not initially high but it was a beautiful day in the Suffolk countryside and I was glad to be there amongst all the other hobbyists. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of items the Safari found and at what depth. I found my first coins and numerous old artifacts so was very happy. However it wasn't these that gave me the greatest pleasure overall... the greatest pleasure came from a simple dog name tag. Let me explain.

I was detecting under a large old oak tree and received a very strong signal. The ground was hard, as it was late summer, and although the Safari accurately pinpointed the position I had to dig down 10 inches to get my prize. I could see that it was coin shaped but it was covered in hardened dirt so I decided to wait until I got home before cleaning it and seeing exactly what it was. That evening in my shed I eagerly eased the dirt away to see that it was not a coin but a name tag from a pet’s collar. It bore the name of 'TILLY' together with an owners address and telephone number.


Over the next few days I deliberated over whether the disk might have some sentimental value for the owner of the dog and I finally picked up the phone. An elderly lady answered and I explained that I had been metal detecting in the area , had found the name tag , telephone number etc and wondered if she had any knowledge of 'TILLY' . It was a bit of a long shot because the depth of the disk indicated it had been lost some time ago .The lady instantly confirmed that she had indeed owned a female Labrador who had sadly passed away some 4 years ago . TILLY had been a valued member of the family as the grandchildren were growing up .The lady was interested in knowing exactly where I had found the name tag and it turned out that TILLY used to rest under the old oak tree on a hot day after chasing the local rabbits. We had a long conversation and it was obvious that the telephone call had revived a lot of very happy memories for the elderly lady.

After the call ended I decided to pop the disk in the post to her. Some days later I received a very nice letter thanking me for the time and trouble spent in contacting her and also adding that the discussion had reminded her so much of the companionship and love of owning TILLY that she had been inspired to buy a new little puppy so that it too could chase rabbits on the same field in the sunshine and then rest under the old oak tree.

It just goes to show that treasure doesn't always come in the shape of precious metal.