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A Coinshooters 1850 o Twenty Dollar Gold Piece

By: Anonymous

My name is Dan Sloan

I have been in the hobby for 43 years now. My interest in the hobby is a strong 10. My grandfather had told me of an old homestead back in the woods that he and some friends would hang out when he was in his teens, here in Anderson, South Carolina. So off I went and after a half hour I located the clues of an old structure that once stood on the grounds.

I then balanced my Whites and began my search. I was thrilled with the first find of Jan 1, as it rang out with the 1876 seated liberty quarter 8” down, I remember thinking it cant get any better than this.

Then I got a faint signal about 4 feet from the seated and decided I would dig everything from here on out. Then as I turned the plug the world stopped. Looking up from that rich southern soil there it was an 1850 o Twenty Dollar Gold Piece I could not believe what I was looking down at!

After I stopped shaking and admiring this great find! I started again with another strong signal an Indian and then another then a v nickel everything in the photo it was an amazing day that I will never forget! The luck of the Irish as my Dad would say.

I know my VX3 has a few more great hunts left in it. I will keep you posted!

1850-o-twenty-dollar-gold-piece-1 1850-o-twenty-dollar-gold-piece-2 1850-o-twenty-dollar-gold-piece-3