A Bumper Year

By: Anonymous

Hello Minelab! 2010 was a record breaking year for me! I dug a total of 151 silver coins, all with my Minelab E-TRAC! Here's a breakdown of my silver coin finds for 2010:

  • 1 Barber dime
  • 68 Merc dimes
  • 57 Rosie dimes
  • 1 Barber 25c
  • 1 standing 25c
  • 13 Washington 25c's
  • 2 Barber halves
  • 4 Walking halves
  • 3 Canadian dimes
  • 1 Canadian 25c
  • Not to mention all the wheat cents, Indian head cents, War nickels, buffalo nickels, clad and other awesome relics!

    And the amazing thing is that most of this I found in ground that I thought was HUNTED OUT! THANK YOU MINELAB!!!