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A Birthday That I will Definitely Remember!

By: Anonymous

I just had to share this story with all the Minelab detectorists out there!!

Yesterday, I turned the big 31!! Stringfrenzy and I hit a local park here in town. We found a little clad and that was about it, until I got a good dime signal and out popped this charm of a tiger! I looked at the back and saw the .925 stamped on the back! Silver!!!! I was happy!


Then shortly before dark, I went over to my next door neighbor's house to do a little hunting. Back during the summer of 2011, my neighbor told me he had lost his gold ruby ring about 8 years ago while washing the house and this was one of his favorite rings. He said he thought he lost it somewhere in the flower bed.

After thoroughly checking the flower bed, I concluded that it wasn't in there. So, I decided to hunt the front yard about 50 feet from the flower bed. I found a couple quarters but that was about it...I was trying not to dig a lot of the signals and just focus on finding the ring. As I found the last quarter, I swung one last time and got a 14 on the Safari.. This was the same signal I got when I was in Florida and found my first gold ring. I thought to's probably a nickel. I cut the plug, grabbed a handful of dirt and low and behold...I see a glimpse of gold! Holy cow! I couldn't believe it!!! I found it!!

I cleaned the ring up a bit and told my neighbor's son that I had found it. I was gonna hold onto the ring until my neighbor and his wife got home this spring (his wife has leukemia just had a bone marrow transplant and has been having some serious complications with it.), however, I decided that they needed some uplifting news now! I called my neighbor and told him that I was sending something down with his son tomorrow when he came to visit his mother.

He asked what it was, and I told him, "Well, I'm not sure, but, it's gold, round and has a red stone in it!" His response was, "Oh my goodness, you mean to tell me you found my ring after all these years?!" I told him that I sure did!! He was extremely happy and told me that this was the best news he's had in months and his wife was just as happy that I found it for them!!! I was just happy I could find it for them and bring them both a little joy and happiness during this tough time in their life!! Definately made me feel good!!

I just wanted to say, thank you Minelab for helping me make this family's day by finding their long lost ring and for making this a birthday that I will definately remember!!!