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7 Roman Coins Beach Metal Detecting Find

By: Frank A.

Let me begin by stating that I'm currently not employed by none of the company(s) whose name I will use. I began metal detecting in 2013 with a Garrett Ace 250 which I purchased thru Kellyco. One of my first old finds was a 1919 Penny in my backyard and I was hooked and usually trying to beat that find with another that is older. Instead of continuing to search inland I took my Ace 250 to the beach & it became my favorite place to search. In 2015 I purchased the Garrett AT Pro & became a beach pro. I'm very humble so I don't brag, but my AT pro and I are synced & I look forward to purchasing the new AT Max soon. In mid May of this year, 2018, I began my usual search at one of my favorite beach spots here in Pinellas County Florida, which is one local spot that I frequent often. It was a normal sunny day but when I got to the my spot. I realized that the beach sand was recently filled with new sand and I could still see in the distance the dredger filling barges. Usually metal detectorist hate that & move on, but I do not let that bother me & carried on as normal. That day I brought home 18 targets & placed them on a table to identify, as I don't like to do so while metal detecting. I thought I had worn pennies, 2 earrings & clad coins, but when I saw this strange coin that was alien to me I freaked out. Then realized I had 3 of them and was dumb founded & left without any explanation. I told my Wife that I needed to go back again, If there's 3 there's got to be a 4th right? Sure 1 more on the next hunt...2 more on the next & 1 last one on the following for a total of 7 Roman coins found thus far at a Florida beach & I'm confident, that when the red tide is gone I will go in the water I will find more. These coins are approximately from 320 to 450 AD. Having a hard time fully identifying but, I can tell 1 of them is Valens. These coins likely came from the barges that were dredging for sand, so there's something out there in the Gulf for sure . You can say is luck, I like to see it as the beach paying me back for being respectful, covering my holes up & picking up trash while I metal detect. 2-300 pounds of trash each year, so please lets all do it right for the sake of the hobby. Enjoy the pics.. I'm sure you will hear from me again.. Special thanks to Kellyco for selling these metal detectors to me and for the great service they provided, Garret Metal Detectors for creating such an awesome machine & Gary Drayton for giving me the confidence I needed to metal detect alone.