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5 Dollar Gold Coin Metal Detecting Find

By: Mark F.

Hi everyone! This park we went to was old I'm sure, it was one square block lined with huge trees around it. I could tell it had been hit throughout the years but we were about to find out just how hard. My first target stepping onto the grass was a new dime at surface level. I then took a few more steps and heard another target, but it was a sound I've never heard before. Very solid and repeatedly had the same sound. Being unsure, I pinpointed it and dug a plug. When I checked, it was still in the hole so I then got my trusty hand pinpointer to check the bottom. Not there. I tried the sides and bingo there it was! So, I began to scrape away the dirt and immediately seen what looked like gold. At first I thought "dang it's a gold colored pull tab." Then got a better look as I pulled more dirt away, it was gold and thought hell yeah it's a gold ring ๐Ÿ‘Œ. I then got to a point were I could pull it out and to my surprise It was a 5 dollar gold coin! Just as pristine and beautiful as the day it was lost. I about had a heart attack! And thus my friends keeps me in the loop and out there because ya just never know ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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