470 Grams Nugget Found With My GPX 5000

By: Anonymous

hello people I'm here again!

I am very happy because I come here for the third story you see another great success story with my GPX 5000. The same week I got over 110 ranges of gold in a land full of junk , I had yet another great find.


I was working with my GPX 5000 with the 18" commander coil, when I came across a strong signal by half a diameter roughly one square meter, then quickly realized that it was a large object and very deep, but I was not sure if it was really gold, so I started digging, after digging over half of meter, I realized I was still too deep when I stopped a little digging to rest, I spotted my father far with a detector, so I yelled at him come help me! so told him I had a very deep subject and even joked with him saying it was a gold nugget would be more than 300 grams, so we started digging, after more than a meter deep coil placed inside the hole and I realized that it was still very deep and difficult to locate, so I dug a little more and started using the PRO-FIND 25 to pinpoint, after some more digging I came across 20 cm a yoke and a half large stone when I got the rock in my hand just screaming out because I felt the weight and knew that it was a large gold nugget.

That nugget weighed 470 gram dirty, clean it weighed 462 grams, it was massive only had a small layer of stone yoke around her. she was more or less a way to deepwater and underground. these nuggets are being found in the region of Cuiabá, state of Mato Grosso , Brazil .

I am very satisfied with the performance of GPX 5000 and recommend it to everyone .

Good people in this month of February I have found more than 700 grams of gold with my GPX 5000 .

Thank you and until next time.

470-grams-nugget-found-with-my-gpx-5000-1 470-grams-nugget-found-with-my-gpx-5000-2