43 Years Later I Returned to the Hobby

By: Anonymous

In 1970 I purchased for my then 7 year old son a White’s Coinmaster. We lived in California at the time, and we found so many interesting items, such as coins, rings, bracelets, medals, and so many other items. If you will recall, the Coinmaster, at that time, had a big blue electronic component box. I do not remember what happened to it, but it got lost somewhere during our moves and/or his growing up. He used it for only a couple of years and like many boys, got interested in sports and other hobbies.


Well, here it is 43 years later; I am 75 years old retiree who likes to be outdoors. Remembering all of the fun we had metal detecting, and the excitement of expectation of what we were about to dig up when we heard the sound of something. Last April 2012, I decided to start my own hobby of metal detecting. Because I was so pleased with the quality of the White’s Coinmaster, I decided to purchase a new White’s metal detector. I bought the M6 and I guess I don’t need to tell you how amazed I was with the level of improvement and discrimination accuracy from the Coinmaster I bought in 1970.

Because of the weather in Michigan, there is a limited season for metal detecting. When I started using it in May of last year, I just went around to some of the local parks, school grounds, and beaches. I only got to use it for about 3 weeks before traveling to Branson, Missouri to see my youngest daughter graduate from nursing school. I did find lots of coins and some interesting finds. While in Missouri, I began to go out to some of the old farms and places I knew where old buildings were once located. I won’t go into all of the details, but I found 2 mason jars buried by some old fence posts on some old farms which I was given permission to search. Both of them had old silver coins in them. I also found an old school milk bottle with 12 silver Walking Liberty Halves in them. I also found some other coins and some other old non-silver coins as well. When I returned to Michigan I continued to search old farms, parks, and other places where people gather. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the quality and accuracy of your M6. I thought that it would be a good idea to put them in coin holders to help protect them.

I was not able to do any detecting after July because of illness in my family. However, in the 3 months that I did go metal detecting, both in Michigan and Missouri, I felt quite fortunate to find hundreds of items. I am enclosing some pictures and several listings of the many items I found. I cannot wait for spring to come so I can go at it again. I know that there are many manufactures of metal detectors, but as for me, I am a satisfied White’s customer. I hope to purchase another White’s detector for other kinds of treasure hunting; one with even more discrimination capabilities.

I made 2 typing errors on the labeling of 2 coins on the protective covers. The silver medal of the “Blessed Mother” should be dated 1830 rather than 1930. The “American Once Cent Coin” should be dated 1851 rather than 1951.

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