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40 Years of Detecting = Nice Copper Finds

By: Anonymous

My name is Bill and I live in Michigan. I am now in my early seventies, but my yearning for the discovery of copper artifacts began about 35 years ago. But first let me tell you my introduction to the world of metal detecting.

I started metal detecting some 40 plus years ago. My first detector was a White’s. I've tried a couple other brands but have always had a White’s and now use the brand exclusively. I now use the V3i and the Surf PI Pro for water detecting.


About 35 years ago I was coin shooting at the edge of Lake Michigan and found my very first artifact, a copper Indian arrowhead. That find prompted me to visit our local library and read all the books I could find about the copper age Indians, which at that time copper age artifact literature was pretty scarce. I learned that the copper age here in the Upper Peninsula copper was moved by the glaciers and one of the most concentrated areas to find it is in 5 or 6 counties in the western part of the Upper Peninsula.

After that first discovery and doing the research, over the next 3 or 4 years I did find a couple spearheads. Then one day a farmer friend mentioned he’d found something after plowing his field and asked me if I could identify them. Wow! They were 2 nice copper spearheads!! I soon got his permission to detect his 500 acres, but had to wait until his crops were harvested. It seemed like an eternity. When fall finally came I headed for the fields with my detector.

I also hit the area the following summer. I started at the lake edge and worked inland. This area was settled in the mid 1800’s so I set my 6000 DB in the GEB discriminate mode to avoid most of the “junk”. The first day was a bust as far as copper artifacts, but I did find some Indian pennies, some small pieces of float copper and a bad case of poison ivy! To make a long story short, over the next few years I did find over 100 copper tools and copper hunting artifacts, some Barber coins, along with a large 1847 cent in extra fine condition, and several more Indian head pennies.

I still go back to the area, but finds are now very scarce. These finds ignited an interest in copper artifacts that will be with me for life.

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