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3 Weeks 4 Gold Rings and War Relic

By: Anonymous

I bought a Safari off a friend a few weeks ago, it’s taken me a few days to get my head around the tones as I’ve been using a Minelab Sovereign Elite.

We went to an old World War II camp which is now a football and dog walking field, my son and I went for an hour, set the safari in conductive all metal mode as seen on the Minelab owner site, we had only been there 10 minutes and got a hit of 20-24 ID, I thought that sounded good and dug away and out popped a 1939 German eagle spange 2nd class badge and a few coins, we were well made up!!

A few days later I went back and tried again same place and got a hit of 9 ID a good low tone and I dug away and out popped a 9ct gold ring bit battered, WOW!! I thought is this my lucky week.


A few days later I went to another football field close to home with my son we had only been there 1/2 hour we dug up a few coins and pull rings and Finally after all the junk tones we heard that tone! We got a hit 25-27 ID mid tone dug down and in the soil shinning at us was another gold ring we thought this is crazy this is two rings in two weeks even more made up now what a machine.

Been a few other times with just coins and a one navel badge back at the old war camp field. This week I thought I fancied a change so I went to Llandudno beach after the big storms, the storms had stripped the beaches of the gravel and just left the bare sand, I went on to spend a happy 6 hours, lots of junk few spendable coin, 4 fishing weights, and believe it or not gold again this time two bits, one small chewed up ring which ID 8 low tone and a part of a man’s sovereign gold ring

I am so made up with this Minelab Safari I think with the gold and war relics I have found paid for its self, easy to use just switch on and go, there is definitely gold and treasures to be found with the right detector so if you’re looking at investing in one I would highly recommend the Safari.

3-weeks-4-gold-rings-and-war-relic-1 3-weeks-4-gold-rings-and-war-relic-2 3-weeks-4-gold-rings-and-war-relic-3 3-weeks-4-gold-rings-and-war-relic-4