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2 Weeks of Good Luck

By: Anonymous

I have been detecting since I was 12 years old back in 1972. About a year and a half ago, I upgraded to an X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack after it was recommended by my brother. Now there are 5 X-TERRA 705s in our family and a few in the hands of friends. I’ve got to say that my rate of recovery is higher than ever!

Two weeks ago my brother, my Mom, and I set out to an old homesite. The place was full of junk and it seemed as though we were wasting our time. I was thrilled to find a 1943 Walking Liberty half dollar, the very first I had ever found!


The very next weekend we set out to an even trashier site and again, thought that we were wasting our time. After hunting all of the obvious spots, my brother suggested that we hit an odd elevated flat spot in the woods, his theory was that if anyone played in the area, that’s where it would be.

I lucked into a 1942 Walking Liberty half, then a 1952 Franklin half, and finally a 1952 Franklin half, all within 2’ of each other! The same spot yielded a war nickel and a dime for my brother too.

After detecting for about 42 years, I have never found a half dollar, now I have 4 in period of 7 days! We joked about this being the start of a dry spell for me, my luck had to be running out.

We headed out for weekend number 3 in a city park, within 10 minutes, the very first hole that I dug yielded an 1889 Morgan silver dollar! The same site yielded an 1863 2 cent piece and an Indian head for Mom, and an Indian and a silver Mercury dime for my brother, not to mention the other wheats and modern coins.

We’re headed out again this weekend to the same spot, let’s see if the streak continues!

I’ve got to say that these 705s are fantastic machines!

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