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2 Rare Saxon Coins

By: Anonymous

Myself and my club members went onto new permission and after finding many 303s and lead people were getting a bit despondent and moving to different fields, but I stayed and hit a flat patch of pasture my friend was about 50 metres with the camcorder.

So I was mowing up and down not finding much, then got a sweet signal. Dug out the sod and thought it was a modern sixpence when I looked closer I began to shake and tried contact my mate but he wasn't answering so after 5 more times he eventually answered, he asked "what you found?" and I said "you better get over here I am shacking like a scared dog" lol.


So he came over filming and I showed him the clod with the print of the Saxon Coenwulf coin and even he was shacking. And after some pics and congrats everyone went off cursing under their breath lol.

After 10 minutes I got another cracking signal so started to dig out the sod and came across 2 big white stones with what looked like 2 post holes, so started to dig them out and got out my probe to find exactly where it was after finding where it was.

I slowly used my trowel and dug it out "OH MY GOD" I said, I also said a few choice words lol. it was another Saxon coin this was an Eadred Saxon coin.

I called my friend and before I could say anything he said "you haven't found another?" I said "you'd better get over here" lol.

He came over with another member and they couldn't believe it. I couldn't either. I also found a Roman brooch late into the day, so that's my Saxon finds day and what a day it was :)

2-rare-saxon-coins-1 2-rare-saxon-coins-2