2 Months of V3i Finds

By: Anonymous

All of these finds were made with the V3i from August of 2010 to October of 2010. I usually hunt those spots that other people have already hunted and also local parks. I find that the V3 gets me the targets that others miss. In these photos is an assortment of silver coins and some of my favorite relics.

Four bullets from a civil war site, a silver ring with the shield of the United Stated etched on it, a cut piece of a 50 cent Heraldic Eagle, a pile of Indians, a ring with a die stuck in it, a silver papoose with a piece of bone in it to remember a loved one. (Under the rings) I am amazed at everything that is out there still in the ground and White's detectors are the ones that show me where it is!

2-months-of-v3i-finds-1 2-months-of-v3i-finds-2 2-months-of-v3i-finds-3