1863 Civil War Breast Plate

By: Anonymous

I want to tell you about an awesome find I made with my M6. My wife and I were at my mother-in-laws house mowing her lawn. I took my M6 along in hopes of searching her yard when we were finished mowing. After the lawn was mowed I started searching the front of the house and was finding a coin or 2, then I got a strong penny hit at 6” deep.

I dug down and out popped a 2 ½ disk covered in white powder. When I had washed it off with soap and water, I realized that I had found a Civil War Shoulder Belt Plate in excellent condition!!! Also known as an Eagle Breast plate worn by Union soldiers, it was made in about 1863!

What a fabulous find in Iowa of all places! I have been told by Civil War relic hunters that have been hunting for 30 years that they have never found one. Maybe they should get a White’s detector!!! I simply love my M6! I have found many silver coins and lots of other old coins and treasures. Thank you White’s for making the BEST detectors in the world!!!